vendredi 18 septembre 2009

Benjamin Zander on music and passion

Summary of the video: This wonderful piece of art is talking about how people are linked together by one thing, which is classical music

My analysis: We can say that he's a truly good speaker. One of the best remarks was ''nobody can be tone deaf''. when you think about it, he's right for many reasons. We can't just think about living without different sounds. Nobody can live without any kind of music or sounds. When that musician comes to talk about his own music experience, you feel connected with him even if you don't like classical music that much. You first listen to it and then lose interest about it but when someone introduces you to it, you can feel different about it. Your body is linked with music and sounds, when he reacts, others can easily understand it while listening or watching you on a video. we can see it in the video, he's really moved by classical music as well as those people listening to him. We can say that those musical instruments may have a huge power on yourself for many reasons but we cannot explain them, you have to feel and live it just to understand it.

(Link to the video:

dimanche 13 septembre 2009

Life Problems...

Summary of the video: This video is talking about our big life problems. Problems like Death or existensialism questions.

My analysis: Ok, how can someone ask so many questions and find so many answers in only 16 mins? Since he began that video untill the end, he tries to links everything to mathematics and philosophy at the same time. It's just unbelievable about the economics issues and number issues. Death is a real problem, this really kept me on this video. Suffering or just trying not to think about it is somewhat weird because we will be dead one day. We can think about it but it depends also on our situation. If we speak mathematicaly again, each person alive counts for the survival of humanity, each person has something to do in this world. This video really wakes you up when you think about it for a second. If you begin to ask yourself questions about those problems, then you cannot think about other everyday life matters. I may sound kind of obsessed but this video.... made me afraid.... but right now, I feel better in some way. Enjoy! (link to the video)

vendredi 11 septembre 2009

Simple Life

Summary of the video: this video is talking about simplicity, which is more complicated to make things simple than ever.

My analysis: My analysis of this video is pretty ''simple'', actually. John Maeda asks himself what simplicity is all about. He says that some complicated things are, in fact, pretty simple. For example, a car is way more bigger than a digital camera but the user's manual of the car is way more smaller than the manual for the digital camera. The ''simpliest'' way to say what Mr. Maeda is trying to say is ''Simplicity is about living life with more enjoyment with less pain''. He gaves an excellent example about a child and different tasks. If you give to a child, two different cookies. a smaller one full of chocolate and the other one, which is bigger but iwht less chocolate, the child will logicaly chose the bigger one because they want to enjoy their life. If you give them a huge pile of clothes for laundry and a smaller one, they will take the smaller one because they want to play right after. A simple conclusion for my analysis is, live your life with less worries but make it enjoyable for everyone around you! (Link to the video)